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Once you have logged in to Kronos

Lowes Kronos Login.

Log in to Lowes Kronos to view your Lowes work schedules and to request time off or clock in or out.

What is Lowes Kronos?

Lowes Kronos is a workforce management system used by Lowe’s employees to manage their time and attendance, check their schedules, and receive pay stubs. It is a cloud-based system that allows employees to access their information from any device with an internet connection. Kronos Workforce Central is the software behind Lowes Kronos, and it is a widely used human resources tool.

lowes kronos
Kronos Workforce Central is now known as UKG . Once you have logged in to Kronos, you can view your schedules, manage overtime, PTO and more.

Kronos Lowes Login – How do I log in to Lowes Kronos?

To log in to Lowes Kronos, employees need to have a valid login ID and password. They can access Lowes Kronos from the Lowe’s employee portal, Myloweslife, or through the Kronos Workforce Central mobile app, which has been renamed ‘UKG Workforce Central’.

Once they log in, Lowes employees can view their schedules, request time off, and clock in and out.

What is the Lowes Kronos server name?

The Lowes Kornos Mobile server name is: https://ltsrvext.lowes.com/lowesmobile.

What is the new name of Kronos?

Kronos Workforce Central is now known as UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) Dimensions. UKG Dimensions is a cloud-based workforce management solution that offers features like time and attendance, scheduling, payroll, and HR management. It is designed to help businesses manage their workforce more efficiently and effectively.

The new Kronos app can be found here.

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